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Partners of the Americas Empowers Student Volunteers with Partners Student Chapters

Despite the many appealing student clubs that bid for my involvement, there was only one that truly captured my attention. I approached Ukiah Busch, an…

Amplify Your Impact with Great Stories

What’s the secret to a great story? Join Alicia Bonner Ness, editor of the New Global Citizen, as she shares the “7 Steps to Stories…

Social Media Engagement

What is the business value of social media to your organization? How can you position yourself as an online thought leader? What steps should you…

Dance Diplomacy: Connecting the Global Human Experience Through Dance

“I believe in God, the maker of heaven and earth and myself. The whole world stinks but I am lovely, I am gorgeous, I am…

Diversity, Innovation, and Tri-Sector Partnership in Global Public Health

Today’s most pressing global public health challenges require truly global collaboration. What can the public, private, and social sectors do to ensure the most dynamic…

Closing the Gap in Gender Equality

Gender inequality is arguably the most pervasive form of inequality around the world and a pressing human rights concern. Progress on gender equality is fundamental…

Citizen Diplomacy Spotlight: Partners of the Americas

As part of an ongoing series, Matt Clark, Global Engagement Manager at PYXERA Global, is interviewing leaders of organizations that belong to the Citizen Diplomacy…

The Importance of Partnership

How are thought leaders driving progress on some of the world’s post pressing issues through innovative collaboration? To celebrate Global Partnerships Week, PYXERA Global brought…

Smarter Diplomacy: Doubling Down on People-to-People

"Across the globe, nations that invest in people-to-people diplomacy are better positioned to reap the awards of the information economy."

Student Exchange Empowers Young Citizen Diplomats and Fosters Global Understanding

I was raised in a white bread world, amongst the cherry trees and corn fields of Northern Michigan. In the 1960s, there was nothing global…

Citizen Diplomacy Higher Education Training

Learn more about leveraging the principles of citizen diplomacy to build global competency on college campuses around the world.

Webinar: Accelerating Social Impact in Skills-Based Volunteerism

Mark Horoszowski, founder of Network member MovingWorlds, shares best practices to can get the most out of skills-based volunteering experiences.

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