Diversity, Innovation, and Tri-Sector Partnership in Global Public Health

Today’s most pressing global public health challenges require truly global collaboration. What can the public, private, and social sectors do to ensure the most dynamic leaders are working together? Why is diversity vitally important in the workforce development and hiring process of global public health professionals? What competencies does the next generation need to help address these challenges? How can higher education institutions best prepare the next generation of public health advocates for the road ahead?

PYXERA Global & Global Health Fellows Program II (GHFP-II) were excited to bring together leading voices in global public health to discuss these important issues. Thought leaders with unique experiences across the public, private, and social sectors discussed how their commitment to tri-sector partnership is making an impact in bolstering diversity within the global health workforce. In collaboration with PYXERA Global, GHFP-II has deployed 68 corporate employees to date. Also known as “Global Health Champions,” these professionals weave business and operational expertise into projects that align with USAID’s global health objectives in order to address complex global health challenges.

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