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Engaging across cultures through citizen diplomacy challenges college students to explore their futures as globally competent individuals and to embrace their powerful ability to change the world through person-to-person interactions.

Is your campus on the new frontier of global engagement?

College campuses provide students with numerous opportunities to engage with other cultures and develop global awareness through study abroad programs, cultural activities, and a diverse student body.

Yet, colleges and universities across the country often struggle to connect students to these resources, and students sometimes fail to develop their skills as global citizens. Departments and programs are often siloed from one another, making it difficult to unite global initiatives under a common framework. Student interactions can be similarly isolated, as busy students naturally gravitate toward friends from their own country or region of the world rather than connecting with peers from different backgrounds in purposeful ways.

With the right support, college students can effectively foster global understanding. The Center for Citizen Diplomacy offers training modules that enable students to develop global competency and leadership skills. The Center also offers customized professional development seminars for faculty and staff interested in leveraging the concepts of citizen diplomacy in their existing campus programming.

  • The Center’s citizen diplomacy training for undergraduate students helps young leaders understand the concept of global competency, its impact on the larger world around them, and how acting as citizen diplomats will help them achieve their own personal and professional goals while making a positive contribution to the global community.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Understand citizen diplomacy and global competency and their value to personal and professional development
    • Connect to resources, particularly on campus, that offer opportunities to be engaged global citizens
    • Increase students' level of empowerment and inspiration to act with purpose as citizen diplomats


  • The Center’s undergraduate training uses a high-energy mix of activities designed to engage students in an exploration of big ideas, while also demonstrating the application of theory in day-to-day practice. Through a series of interactive experiences, students discover and develop their aptitude for cross-cultural global engagement.

    Specific topics and lessons include:

    • The Basics of Citizen Diplomacy & Engaged Global Citizenship
    • Examples of Citizen Diplomacy in Action
    • Intercultural Communication & Cultural Competency
    • The Macro & Micro Impact of Global Fluency
    • Story Sharing
    • Reflection

    Training can also connect students with the global resources they have on campus, preparing them for lives as global citizens beyond graduation.

    College students empowered to act as citizen diplomats create vibrant global campuses and graduate with more of the skills they need to thrive in the global marketplace.

  • Participants in a recent workshop at Drake University gave highly positive feedback. Ninety-one percent of student participants rate the workshop as a “4” or “5” on a 1-to-5 scale. Three key questions related to the learning objectives illustrate participants’ self-assessment before and after the workshop.

    • “Understanding of citizen diplomacy and global fluency and their value to personal and professional development” increased by 67.9%.
    • “Awareness of resources, particularly on campus, to be engaged global citizens” grew by 56.7%.
    • “Feeling of empowerment and inspiration to act with purpose as citizen diplomats” rose 45.5%.

    "The concept of citizen diplomacy empowers students to think of themselves as change agents in the world. We asked the Center for Citizen Diplomacy to design a highly participatory learning experience that would model for students the spirit and promise of citizen diplomacy. They delivered in full."

    - Dr. David Skidmore
    Director of the Nelson Institute for Diplomacy & International Affairs
    and the Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship at
    Drake University


  • In today’s globalized world, successful graduates must be comfortable interacting with people of diverse backgrounds and outlooks. College students have perhaps more opportunities than any other demographic for daily person-to-person interactions that result in a true exchange of ideas and create mutual understanding. It is vital that all students understand their power to build and sustain a secure, economically sound, and socially interconnected world.

    Our training can be tailored to suit your institution’s needs. We offer modules that supplement:

    • student orientation
    • residence and campus life programs
    • pre-departure study abroad preparation
    • alumni engagement
    • faculty & staff professional development

    The Center’s approach leverages existing programs and initiatives at your institution to increase the reach and impact of innovative global engagement opportunities for students on campus and beyond.