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Via Lingua International

Active Areas:

Culture & Arts, Educational Exchanges, International Visitors, Volunteer Service, Teacher Training

Age Groups:

Young Adults, Adults, Seniors

Countries Served:

USA, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, Peru, Morocco, Mexico, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Chile, Brazil, Argentina


The American Language Center, Via Brunelleschi, 1
Florence, 50123 Italy


Phone: (888) 835-6207
[email protected]

Via Lingua provides international TEFL certificate courses in many of the world’s most popular teaching destinations and is one of the world’s largest  TEFL course providers. Via Lingua’s internationally recognized and externally moderated course is delivered through a combination of workshops, seminars and demonstrations, and is designed to ensure you take an active role in your development as an EFL teacher.

With 130 hours of training, and including 10 hours of assessed teaching practice, the Via Lingua course exceeds all professional guidelines for the regulation of international TEFL certificate courses. At Via Lingua, your ability as a language teacher will largely be assessed by your performance in the classroom. This, combined with our experiential training principles, makes Via Lingua one of the most practical global TEFL course providers in the world today.

Via Lingua’s aim to improve the standard of English language teaching worldwide and to increase international understanding through education.To achieve this aim our course is delivered around established principles of foreign language teaching.

  • The mission of The Via Lingua Group is to develop global professionals who are thoughtful, creative and effective practitioners of teaching English as a Foreign Language. Via Lingua's  graduates are skilled practitioners who are prepared with essential knowledge, competencies and dispositions in the field. Student-centered learning reflects historical and contemporary knowledge, theory, cross-cultural awareness, and ongoing practice that meet the academic, professional, personal, and social needs of learners.
    Via Lingua professional training programs are designed to reflect and support the current knowledge base and effective best practices in education. Curricular coherence is strengthened through rigorous study and dialogue on purpose, course content, and intended candidate learning outcomes. Via Lingua educates students for global citizenship and responsible leadership as teachers of English as a Foreign Language, empowering graduates to pursue meaningful lives and productive careers by sharing language and culture. We are committed to the principles of excellence, innovation, and community.
    The mission of the Via Lingua International Group emphasizes the importance of effective teaching and learning and views the educational experience as extending beyond the classroom. It strives to create individual and personal qualification of its students to enable them to become well-educated global citizens capable of knowing and exercising meaningful life alternatives. The Via Lingua program seeks to promote career and cultural development through the application of “best practices” in teaching and learning opportunities. In collaboration with the educational community students develop an appreciation for the challenge to provide all learners with equitable and excellent learning outcomes. Through rigorous humanistic curricular activities students gain the necessary expertise to meet this challenge and participate in a collaborative environment which supports individual excellence in content, skill development, classroom management, and service within the educational community.
    Our teacher education programs strive to develop visionary educators who will take the lead in transforming education to better serve all students. We endeavor to prepare competent and caring educators who exemplify the qualities of commitment, service, vision and leadership, and who, in turn, will cultivate these qualities in the students they teach.

  • The Via Lingua CTEFL course comprises five components:

    • Pedagogy theory
    • Language awareness
    • Teaching skills
    • Cultural awareness
    • Life skills

    Each component comprises a set of standardized statements of competence, accompanied by indicators of success. The indicators describe the skills, knowledge and qualities associated with effective teachers of English as a Foreign Language. The standardized statements of competence are as follows:

    The competent CTEFL teacher is able to ...

    1. Pedagogy Theory

    1.1. Describe a range of teaching methodologies, approaches and strategies
    1.2. Describe the skills, knowledge and qualities which characterize an effective teacher
    1.3. Describe the factors which influence the establishment of an effective learning environment
    1.4. Describe a range of strategies for supporting, monitoring and assessing student progress

    2. Language Awareness

    2.1. Describe the purposes and nature of Communication
    2.2. Describe key features in relation to the structure of the English language
    2.3. Describe and explain the English tense system and other, commonly taught, grammatical features
    2.4. Describe how sounds are made and modified and use phonetic symbols to describe the sounds of English

    3. Teaching Skills

    3.1. Design and prepare effective lessons
    3.2. Prepare and manage the physical learning environment and use resources in an appropriate way
    3.3. Provide innovative and flexible learning experiences for individuals and groups of students
    3.4. Create learning environments that are student-centered, challenging and safe

    4. Cultural Awareness

    4.1. Engage in the process of learning a foreign language
    4.2. Demonstrate an awareness of the issues in relation to culture and language teaching
    4.3. Demonstrate a willingness to foster positive relationships with members of the local community
    4.4. Demonstrate an awareness of cultural similarities and differences and our shared cultural heritage

    5. Life Skills

    5.1. Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills
    5.2. Demonstrate effective communication skills
    5.3. Demonstrate effective decision-making skills
    5.4. Demonstrate effective organizational skills
    5.5. Demonstrate effective financial skills
    5.6. Demonstrate effective employment awareness skills
    5.7. Demonstrate effective legal awareness skills
    5.8. Demonstrate effective personal welfare skills



  • Via Lingua is a global educational organization, with schools and offices in numerous worldwide locations. Our principal goals are to help our students develop their English language teaching (TEFL) skills in a friendly and supportive environment and to provide them with employment opportunities throughout their TEFL career. Further to these goals, we aim to raise the standard of English language teaching around the world.

    Our Course

    Our TEFL Course, based on established TEFL principles and developed over a period of years by our Academic Board, is one of the most thorough and up-to-date in the world today. Including 130 hours of expert tuition with 10 hours of assessed teaching practice, and covering all areas of Teaching Skills, Classroom Management, English Grammar and Phonology. It exceeds all international guidelines laid down for the regulation of the TEFL profession.

    Assistance Program

    Through our Job Placement Assistance program with our assistance, 85% of our graduates have already found a job by the time they finish the course. Through our offices and contacts around the world, Via Lingua are uniquely placed to give you the best professional help and advice, wherever you wish to start your TEFL career. We extend the same help and advice to all of our graduates in all countries, irrespective of where and when you took your original course with us.

    The Via Lingua Trainers

    Via Lingua is committed to employing staff members of the highest caliber. All our trainers hold appropriate qualifications and have a wealth of experience as both TEFL teachers and trainers. In addition, Via Lingua provides all staff members with a wide range of in-house and external professional development opportunities. Our trainers and mentors are required to maintain a professional portfolio, which guides and charts their achievements and development. As part of our strategy to ensure that Via Lingua trainers and academic staff remain at the cutting edge of TEFL teaching, we have an agreement with various institutions to provide a regular series of seminars for our academic staff members.

    Code of Ethics

    In order to ensure the integrity of the Via Lingua organization, a code of ethics has been developed and is an essential element of our Quality Assurance process. While positively encouraging diversity, it is essential that all training centers meet basic standards in relation to facilities, advertising, internal competition, the quality of course delivery, accommodation, trainee welfare and job guidance. The Code of Ethics establishes basic principles, which are followed by all centers and employees.

    Graduates Network

    Once you are a Via Lingua graduate you are always a Via Lingua graduate. We like to keep in contact with our 5000+ graduates all around the world and through them develop our network of contacts, even in the more remote areas of the planet where we don't yet have our own school or office. Wherever you want to go tomorrow, we believe that we can help to take you there.