Citizen Diplomacy Network

The Network unites organizations that are committed to advancing purposeful global engagement at a person-to-person level, providing them with a common platform from which to share, participate, and learn in this important community.

Global Citizens Network

Active Areas:

Culture and Arts, Development, Educational Exchange (Service Learning), International Visitors, Tourism and Sports, Volunteer Service

Age Groups:

Children (8 years & above), Teens (13-17 years), Young Adults (18-24 years), Adults, Seniors, Families, Groups

Countries Served:

Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Tanzania, Thailand, USA (Minnesota and Washington)


129 North 2nd St, #102
Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA


Phone: (800) 892-0022
info[email protected]

Global Citizens Network is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) that facilitates international and domestic volunteer travel programs for individuals, families and groups, including academic programs for high schools and universities. GCN is a leading advocate of participatory community development, with projects locally initiated and led. As a member of International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA), GCN is committed to excellence of service to volunteers and the communities where they work. For the past 23 years, GCN has been guided by their philosophy that the peoples of the world are one people, enriched by individual differences, united by the common bond of humanity. The diversity of the Global Community is its greatest strength; understanding and respect are its greatest gifts.

Watch this video to learn more about how Global Citizens Network has been changing lives for more than 23 years.