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BPeace (Business Council for Peace)

Active Areas:

Volunteer Service

Age Groups:

Adults, Groups

Countries Served:

Rwanda, Afghanistan, El Salvador


2576 Broadway, #317
New York, New York 10025, USA


Phone: (212) 696-9696
[email protected]

Bpeace is a non-profit network of business professionals and entrepreneurs. They offer pro-bono access to experts and entrepreneurs in conflict-affected countries like Afghanistan, Rwanda and El Salvador. Bpeace believes that employment for women and men is the bridge to education, poverty reduction, improved health, and ultimately less violence; and that jobs for women are vital to women’s advancement and to elevating their peaceful influence on society.

  • Bpeace believes the path to peace is lined with jobs. They work with entrepreneurs in conflict-affected countries to scale their businesses, create significant employment for all, and expand the economic power of women.

    Bpeace's goal is to create one million jobs across 1,000 communities. Every one of those jobs, entrepreneurs, and communities becomes a beacon of hope. In each community these businesspeople become role models and strong voices for peace.

  • Through an intense competitive search process in each community, Bpeace selects motivated entrepreneurs with the business acumen to grow their businesses quickly and sustainably called Fast Runners.

    What are Fast Runners? Fast Runners are remarkable entrepreneurs from conflict-affected countries like Afghanistan, El Salvador and Rwanda. They have been in business for at least one year, employ more than 10 people, and demonstrate intuitive business sense and the desire to aggressively grow their ventures. Most importantly, they share a vision that employment, particularly the economic empowerment of women, is the bridge to better education, less poverty, improved health, and, ultimately, less violence.

  • In 2002, Bpeace grew as an international network of business professionals who volunteer to help women entrepreneurs in post-conflict countries expand their businesses, create employment and build a more peaceful future for their communities. The organization was founded on the belief that business has a central role to play in building peace.