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Atlantis Project

Active Areas:

Culture & Arts, Educational Exchange

Age Groups:

Young Adults (18 - 24 years)

Countries Served:

Spain and the Azores Islands of Portugal


8053 Deer Hill Circle
Belews Creek, NC 27009, USA


(336) 355-0862
[email protected]

Atlantis Project provides high quality short-term internships for students in health fields, positively impacting both students’ professional paths as well as local host communities. Atlantis Fellows are placed in public hospitals and shadow doctors for approximately 25 hours per week. They gain practical insight into the field of health and a meaningful perspective of healthcare as a call to service. Atlantis Fellows will also teach English, volunteer, or participate in research to complement their hospital internship experience and to give back to the local communities. Atlantis Project programs are a transformative experience for students in the beautiful locations of Spain and Portugal, surrounded by friends, food, festivals, and culture.

  • Atlantis Project prioritizes the student experience and is committed to providing insightful, safe, and ethical health internship abroad programs.

  • Atlantis Project was founded in 2007 as a student organization by João Toste, who grew up in the Azores Islands and saw an opportunity to start a program that would offer a uniquely valuable education abroad option for his fellow students at UNC-Chapel Hill in a way that would contribute back to his home community. The AP initially offered a variety of fields for their internship abroad programs such as education and government. However, due to the high student demand, quality of the hospital internship, and the potential of the significant impact of the hospital internship for pre-health students, the AP moved to focusing specifically on hospital internships.

    See what former Atlantis Fellows have to say about our programs below:

    “Throughout all my time spent working, volunteering and interning over the years, no experience compares to the Atlantis Project.”  Jessica Eker, New York University, Atlantis Fellow 2014

    “I’d recommend the Atlantis Project to most anyone with the desire to expand their horizons in ALL directions – culturally, medically, linguistically, intellectually, and interpersonally.”  Alex Hill, UNC, Atlantis Fellow 2013

    “I will never forget the invaluable shadowing experiences I learned from, nor the advice the surgeons I met gave me for living life as a whole as I take the next steps to becoming a doctor in American medicine.”  Rozalinda Suleymanova, New York University of Pittsburgh, Atlantis Fellow 2014

    “The Atlantis Project is not only something that I look back upon and wish I could go back and re-live, but it is also the amazing opportunity that has given me a clearer insight into my future career as a physician.”  Kianna Musaraca, University of Illinois at Chicago, Atlantis Fellow 2014